Challenging Stereotypes in the Media

Challenging Stereotypes in the Media: A Student Photography Exhibition
Working on this project has made me more aware of what ads are really showing, and I will definitely be viewing media more critically from now on. It’s so easy to watch a commercial or look at an advertisement without forcing yourself to question what it’s showing, or more importantly, implying.
—Carly Teitelbaum, age 18

In partnership with motivated students and faculty, I organized a photo exhibit that challenged teenagers to think critically about how media influences their sense of identity. This extracurricular project asked students to choose an image from the media that they felt reinforced a negative stereotype. The participants then photographed their own image with a positive twist, in order to challenge the stereotype and juxtapose the two images.

The gallery opening included a “Challenging Stereotypes Photo Booth,” where faculty and students challenged stereotypes about themselves on a white board.

The project was featured on the cover of The Moorestown Sun.