Graphic Design

Skills: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom.

Here is a small sampling of the projects I’ve designed over the years. I was also the writer and photographer for these publications.

Website for Health for AmericaWeb Design & Content Management

Skills: CSS, Dreamweaver, Facebook Ads & Pages, Flickr, FTP, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Haiku, HootSuite, HTML, Joomla, LinkedIn, Moodle, Phanfare, Pinterest, PHP, SmugMug, Tumblr, TweetDeck, Twitter, Vimeo, WhippleHill, WordPress.

I got involved with web design when I was ten years old. This was the year 2000, when WordPress hadn’t been invented yet, so I spent a lot of time playing around with Greymatter’s open-source blogging software and teaching myself basic HTML, CSS, etc. I became really excited about PHP when I was in sixth grade, and I created a web community for girls and young women where users could choose from a wide variety of girl-created themes for the site. We had a web forum (“the boards”), a community of blogs, and a system for advertising. I volunteered as the President for several years – under an alias, and not revealing that I was in middle school (because Tavi Gevinson hadn’t made that cool yet). I eventually resigned from the leadership role as I entered high school, just as Facebook was developing and changing the way teen web communities worked.

WordPress launched when I was 13 and took full advantage of the concept of “themes” for websites. Since then, I’ve used WordPress consistently to design blogs, news sites, and portfolios – originally coding my own themes, and then when advanced themes became available for purchase, often modifying and expanding on others’ designs. I have 15+ years of experience writing HTML, and since I learned the old-fashioned way in Notepad, I am comfortable problem solving and acting as a resource for web-related projects in my community.

A few of the blogs I’ve created: Stories from Khan Lab SchoolHealth for America, Stories from Sea Crest School, MFS News, and Intern Insight at the Art Institute of Chicago.

I love using my passion for aesthetics, code, and user experience design to help other people.